WHO BUILDS THE CITY, lecture: Do-It-Ourselves building - Amsterdam

Cultural Centre REX

10. 01. 2014

Lecture by Hein de Haan, architect, sailer and expert for DIY building from Amsterdam

During the previous year WHO BUILDS THE CITY, project realized in the framework of the SMARTER BUILDING, exsplored the possibilities for affordable construction housing in Belgrade, following the principle of cooperatives and participants’ solidarity and thus indicating the fact that pervasive real-estate market argumentation/logic is not, however, inevitable. The researching work process provides the examples of citizens who have already come to be affordable construction housing project initiators, thanks to precluding commercial investors from construction process and to taking matters into their own hands. Unity plays a crucial role in these projects, since it provides lower prices, enterprise stability, and, equaly important, it contributes to accomplishing some ancilary preffered enviromental low priced capacities. Most people perceive it as a dream, but for those who know HOW it’s nothing more than an amount of common sense.

One of these inspirational men who recognized the true path is Hajn de Han, architect who organized a large group of people for the sake of constructing their own piece of Amsterdam (land) by blocking out investors, real estate agencies, and, to a large extent, even the banks. Moreover, he didn’t do it just once. Hajn will convey an audacious venture Vrijburcht (Free castle) in Amsterdam, one of the most inspiring and largest co-housing projects, recently realized in Europe, and help us, through enterprise examples originating from his thirty years experience, to acquire knowledge about the possibilities of co-housing and Do-it Ourselves collective construction.

The lecture Do-It-Ourselves building - Amsterdam is concepted by WHO BUILDS THE CITY, in the framework of the SMARTER BUILDING project. On the 11th and 12th of January Hajn will hold a workshop, designed for a team work on architectural competition MILD-home, issued by the Municipality Savski Venac.

The workshop will be directed towards building opportunities, funding programs and collective proposals for tender location in the Borska Street wood. The lecture will be hold in English language.

Foto: Willem van Gils