Besides being an accredited organization of European Voluntary Service, Cultural Center Rex is open to local and regional volunteers, and also hosts local and foreign internship students, as in the case of Swiss SYNI 21 program.


At REX, the volunteer's engagements, knowledge, and experience are welcomed as new energy, bringing additional quality to our team's work. Volunteers empower our working staff and enable intercultural learning in practical way.


As a cultural center that is already involved in local community activities, REX sees volunteering not only as an opportunity for the volunteers, but also for the staff to develop skills in non-formal education and activities. REX has always been a place for curious people and a meeting place for all sorts of intercultural experiences, so cooperation with the local and foreign volunteers adds another important dimension to our practice of intercultural dialogue.


Bearing in mind that our activities are related to the concrete projects, some of great social engagement and visibility, such as FREE ZONE film festival, we believe that volunteers' work has and will have a significant impact on the local, but also regional level, as well as in the cultural life of Europe.

About the experiences of REX's volunteers and internship students you can read here and their activities you can follow on FB page.