About REX

Cultural Center REX is a place for contemporary, socially engaged art and analytical cultural practice.

Through our programs, we research and present fields of culture and social engagement and fields in which different branches of art overlap. The aim of projects is to educate and empower individuals and groups by articulating their ideas, putting those ideas into practice, developing an understanding of social relations, and using knowledge and skills in a creative way. We devote special attention to young authors and audiences.

We support, present and produce contemporary art and cultural projects through open public events, presentations, lectures, dance and theatre performances, exhibition, concerts, workshops, film and music festival, and we are open daily for rehearsals, preparation of projects, and meetings of related initiatives and organizations.

REX was founded 1994 by, at that time, independent radio station B92. REX collaborates with colleagues throughout Serbia, as well as with colleagues from the Balkan region and Europe. REX is a partner of Ministry of Culture in the project Mapping and Affirmation of Projects and Process of Intercultural Dialogue (www.rex.b92.net/ikd). We are part of the European Network of Independent Cultural Centers - Trans Europe Halles (www.teh.net), the informal regional project platform initiated by the Croatian Clubture (www.clubture.org) and the Association of Independent Cultural Scene of Serbia. Our film festival FREE ZONE (www.freezonebelgrade.org) is member of Human Right Film Network (http://www.humanrightsfilmnetwork.org/). REX also has a very good experience with EVS project as a host organization (http://ec.europa.eu/youth).

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