26. May 2023.

Heartbeats of frustration

Frozen, standing still, trapped or just stopped in time as time still flows. Just like our video is at the present moment, as we found out recently, we sometimes feel like so. It is easy to feel stuck in this context where everything gets a better image for the same old, same old, it seems that everything changes but nothing really does

Drawing by SABA

An accumulation of artworks of all kinds… all shapes, mediums and messages one would have the imagination to think of; they were all there… all thrown away into a corner of this highly controversial, but still emblematic building. It would sound very democratic and ideal but not in this case, one could also say that it is perfect, a work of art in itself, somehow managing to over identify with our common failure, in all of its forms.

The megalomaniac “people’s palace” is already crooked and crumbling due to its cheap materials, but one cannot see this from afar, always kept at a distance from the building by its cemetery-like fence. Even so, if one would be interested in contemporary art, s/he would have the opportunity to get closer and feel small beneath the mass of stone put together through extractive forces and impoverishment in the name of social progress. If one is not aware of the historical context of the second largest administrative building behind the Pentagon, one could very easily say that its architectural aesthetics are fascist; and we couldn’t find a decent argument to say no, but maybe we are wrong.

Nonetheless, this gigantic building, barely used in its entire housing capacity, is the home of the sole state owned museum of contemporary art in Romania, whose existence and beginnings are as controversial as the palace itself, so we’ve heard...

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Written by SABA - Silvia Amancei and Bogdan Armanu, they are an artist couple working together since 2012.

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Kulturni centar Rex 29.7.2023. - 29.7.2023.

Čitajuća grupa "Civilno društvo i kultura pre, tokom i nakon rata (sećanja)"

Pridružite se čitalačkoj grupi koja analizira knjigu „Umetnost i kultura otpora“ Milene Dragićević Šešić (FDU, Clio, 2018).
Kulturni centar Rex 19.7.2023. - 19.7.2023.

GDE SU BILI ŠTA SU RADILI - Nebojša Glišić: Severna Irska, Deri

... Od prvog do poslednjeg trenutka boravka u Irskoj, sve je obeleženo sukobom. Murali na zidovima objekata, priče prolaznika, razgovori sa slučajnim poznanicima, univerzitet, ulice, dečja igra… ali sa druge strane ovog konteksta stoji relativno uspešan model pomirenja o kome je neophodno razgovarati u cilju komparativnog izučavanja transformacije konflikta, izgradnje i održavanja mira...
Kulturni centar REx 7.6.2023. - 7.6.2023.

Ring Ring - Koncert Badrutt Belorukov Kocher

Elektro akustična kamerna muzika svetske klase napravljena od ogromnih dinamičkih kontrasta koji se razvijaju od prefinjenih vibrirajućih zvučnih pejzaža do eruptivnih napada. Muziku trija karakteriše snažan osećaj za duge improvizacije. Trio je nastupao od 2014. godine u Rusiji, Sibiru, Francuskoj i Švajcarskoj. / (ENG) World-class electro acoustic chamber music made of huge dynamic contrasts evolving from refined vibrating soundscapes to eruptive attacks. The music of the trio is characterised by a strong feeling for long improvisational developments. The trio performed since 2014 in Russia, Siberia, France and Switzerland.